About us

Homble Solheim is a business law firm specialising in employment law and corporate governance. We also assist our clients with general business law matters and dispute resolution, including legal proceedings before the ordinary courts and arbitration tribunals.

Homble Solheim provides personal follow-up of high professional quality to clients. We place emphasis on understanding the uniqueness and needs of our clients. Our goal is not only to solve our clients’ problems today, but to help reduce the risk of issues arising in the future. This is why we not only provide advice on purely legal matters, but we often also contribute to strategic and organisational decision-making processes in enterprises. Our advice is based on the fact that clients’ legal needs are not detached from their business needs. On the contrary, legal advice should always support the business needs of the client.

Our customers are primarily large and small enterprises within the private and public sector, as well as employers’ confederations, trade unions and non-profit organisations. We also assist managers in the public and private sector, including senior executives.