Restructuring and downsizing

Restructuring and downsizing

A good restructuring process has to take place in accordance with statutory requirements. The process should also provide both dismissed and remaining employees with the impression of a proper and appropriate process by providing sound information and justifications for the choices made by the employer.

The objectives of the process should be to:

  • ensure that the number of cases in which employees dispute the lawfulness of a dismissal is as low as possible
  • ensure that both remaining and dismissed employees are left with the impression that everyone has been treated properly and fairly
  • ensure that customers, other business associates and potential future employees perceive the process as proper
  • ensure that any short or long-term loss of production is limited to the greatest extent possible

In order to achieve these objectives, the:

  • process must be carried out in accordance with laws and agreements
  • employees must understand and accept the process through clear and understandable justifications for the restructuring decision
  • employees must receive correct information at the right time
  • line managers need to have sufficient knowledge of the process to correctly answer questions from employees
  • elected representatives must feel that the process has been implemented lawfully and that they have been treated correctly
  • answers provided to employees must be correct and understandable

What do we do?

  • assist employers in planning processes so that objectives are met
  • provide training to managers so that they feel confident in their roles in the process
  • assist employers in drawing up necessary documentation
  • assist employers in meetings as appropriate
  • assist employers in any negotiations and legal proceedings

At Homble Solheim, we also assist employees that need advice in connection with restructuring or downsizing processes.