Artikler apr 2, 2024 2 minutter

Homble Solheim rangert i Legal 500 

Del nyhetsinnlegget

Fant du dette nyhetsinnlegget nyttig? Da hadde vi satt pris på at du deler det videre i sosiale medier.

Homble Solheim er høyt rangert i Legal 500 i kategorien «employment». Selskapet beskrives som et firma med «unique knowledge and experience».

Legal 500 rangerer selskaper, og løfter i tillegg frem «leading individuals» innenfor de ulike fagområdene. Også i 2024 er Trond Erik Solheim med på listen over «leading individuals» i arbeidsrett. Vi gratulerer!  

I arbeidet med rangeringen innhenter Legal 500 uttalelser og vurderinger. Om Homble Solheim sies det:  

‘The team has unique knowledge and experience in employment law and corporate governance.’ 

‘Homble Solheim gives legal advice of excellent quality in all aspects of labour law in a swift and professional way. The team also helps you with answers to questions without you as a client having to ask. Very efficient structure in the organisation with high capacity. More flexible than the bigger firms, and more efficient.’ 

‘The practice has unique experience that makes them very valuable.’ 

‘They are unique in the way they communicate, using non-legal language that is easy to understand for anyone not familiar with legal phrases. They very quickly get up to speed with the issue they are hired for, and they are easy to get hold of during the different stages of the process.’ 

‘Runar Homble creates trust and security and guides, corrects and advises in a very good way. He gives the impression of having very good expertise in his field and communicates in an understandable way with good, illustrative examples.’ 

‘Runar Homble always solves the legal challenges we face in the best way. Our interests are always looked after and he understands the complexity of our business.’ 

‘Trond Erik Solheim has very strong legal skills in a number of legal fields, is an expert in employment and pension law, has strong skills as a legal adviser, and is particularly good at analysing the legal situation and giving advice in a broader context.’ 

‘Trond Erik Solheim is very experienced in employment law, and gave very professional and good advice which led to a positive result in my case. He was very efficient and available when necessary. He was also very calm and helpful in a difficult situation.’